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Issue 4

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A guide for dreaming and doing

Bravery Magazine is a quarterly print publication for girls and boys that features strong female role models. Each issue highlights a brave woman and teaches about her life and work in a fun, engaging way. Full of beautiful illustrations and playful, educational activities, Bravery Mag is the tool you can use to inspire your kids to dream, empower them to do, and help them discover how they can be their own kind of brave.


Why Temple Grandin?

Temple Grandin is a scientist, an inventor, and an expert on animal behavior. She also has autism and is able to see the world differently than other people—she thinks in pictures! Because of the unique way she sees the world, Temple has a special connection with animals, especially cattle. Temple uses her knowledge about cattle to invent new designs for farms around the country, and her inventions have changed the way animals are treated. Even when others didn’t believe in Temple, she never stopped pursuing her dreams. She is now a leading expert in animal behavior and an advocate for people with autism. Temple teaches that all kinds of minds are what make the world such a great place. We are honored to be featuring her in the fourth issue of Bravery.


A Brave Movement

Bravery is so much bigger than issue one. We’re not just creating a magazine -- we’re creating a movement. Our dream for the future of Bravery Magazine is to be able to highlight many different women in a variety of fields and backgrounds so our children can see real, brave women doing real, brave things.

We know that introducing strong role models to our boys and girls will empower them to do brave things. At Bravery, we strive to bring the past and present together to create a better future for our children.

Why Bravery?

If you’re wondering how and why two moms created a magazine, you’re in the right place. Check out our video to hear about our frustrations at the lack of strong female role models in society and what we decided to do about it.

“Mom, this just feels like it was made for me.”

- Margaret, age 8