Make Your Own Explorer Hat


We're big fans of Jane Goodall around here (our first issue is allll about her after all), which is why we encourage dressing up as Jane for Halloween or really any other day of the year. This look can be easily pulled together with things from your own closet. But if you want to add some fun finishing touches we have the perfect DIY for you... Your very own explorer hat! It's really quite simple. Here's how:


First, let's gather those supplies.

Paper plate, paper bowl, twine or string, scissors or exact-o knife, pencil, spray paint, hot glue gun, and a hole pucnch. (phew!)


Next, spray paint your plate and bowl and let them dry. We picked a nice khaki color but you could do any color. Once they are dry turn your plate right side up and the bowl upside down. Trace the bowl onto the plate (like shown above).


Then, using your exact-o knife, cut a circle slightly smaller than the circle you traced. Pop out the middle section that you cut.


Next, use your whole punch to punch holes all the way around the bottom edge of the bowl.

 Slide the paper bowl up inside the plate and glue into place, like shown.   

Slide the paper bowl up inside the plate and glue into place, like shown.



Finally, measure your string so it is long enough to wear your hat. Thread your string through one hole on each side of the bowl. Tie a knot outside the hole to keep the string in place and you're done. This hat is generally a little small for most kids heads so it works best hanging down the back.